About Me

Fun Facts About Me:

-Before photography, I started DJing in 7th grade and still do on occasion
-Soup is my favorite kind of food
-I love tomatoes but hate ketchup and BBQ sauce (I’m weird, I know!)
-I’ve been a featured participant on two television shows
-Dogs brighten up my day instantly

I’ve always liked taking snapshots of people, places, and things as I was growing up. It wasn’t until 2009 when I was fresh out of college though that I purchased a used DSLR from my friend and the photography bug hit me. From the moment I started playing with the kit lens and hearing each satisfying click of the shutter with the press of my finger, I was hooked on capturing stills of those key moments of my experiences. I loved capturing images of dramatic landscapes, interesting things, and people in that moment in time. Many of those early images with my DSLR came out less than ideal, so I read more and more books about photography and taught myself how to use my camera to realize my vision. Learning about the interplay of light, shapes, textures, patterns, colors, and geometry, with the addition of living forms and emotions, has driven me to seek the next perfect shot each time I pick up my camera.

My style of portrait photography makes frequent use of artificial light to enhance the existing ambient light within the environment. I’ll pose my subjects for the camera, but will capture their image at the moment in time when their personality shines brighter than any of the lights. I balance this methodical way of shooting by opting at times to capture the spontaneity of life in natural lighting, especially with children and the fast pace in which they play and find happiness in the world around them. With either method I employ, my reward is capturing the amazing images I’ve been honored to witness.

A special love of mine is photographing our canine companions. I’m absolutely fascinated by the multitude of faces, postures, and antics which our four-legged friends have taken in front of the camera. My hope is that I can capture those joyous moments for their human companions to love and treasure.

When I’m not doing photography in my free time, I’m probably hard at work employing my creativity in my other vocation: Public Health. By training, I’m a health educator with a background in innovative substance abuse prevention efforts. I’ve been fortunate to work with diverse groups of people, and have had the privilege to attend numerous professional events in the capacity of a substance abuse prevention professional, but also as an event photographer to document the history in the making with the communities and organizations I collaborate with. Based on my experiences, I’ve developed an Event Photography package that will appeal to clients looking for high quality images at their next function.

Thank you for taking the time to visit. I look forward to serving your photography needs.

-Athila Lambino

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